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high blood pressure

Ultimate Guide on High Blood Pressure: Starter Pack

  • Everything you need to lose 2-5 lbs in the next 7 days

  • Top 10 foods to directly reduce high blood pressure

  • 3 Breakfast options to reduce High Blood Pressure

  • 3 Eating Out options to reduce High Blood Pressure

  • 3 Simple Home Dinner options to reduce High Blood Pressure

  • In this guide, I also reveal the natural root cause of high blood pressure, something your doctor might not have mentioned


Master Fasting Without Feeling Hungry (Arguably the Best Way to Lose Fat Without Exercising)

  • The one thing nobody talks about to fast without being hungry (quick guide)

  • How to lose body fat without meal prepping or exercising (MASTERCLASS 1)

  • How to fast without being hungry (MASTERCLASS 2)

  • My 7 rules for fasting - which will help you break through weight loss plateaus (MASTERCLASS 3)

The Normal Diet

This is 10 years of learning Nutrition in this formula.

  • What is the formula you need to follow to maintain your weight

  • What are you supposed to eat on a daily and weekly basis

  • The Normal Diet Food Pyramid

full training

How to take control of your health, lose weight and reverse your symptoms in 6 months or less without doing any diets, logging food or counting calories.

  • The exact method I have used to REVERSE the direction of my health and PREVENT high risk diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disesases (this is how I lost 34 lbs)

  • The Simple Formula that allows me to stay in shape without having to count any calories or log my food

  • Bonus 1: Stop Doing These 3 Mistakes With Exercising

  • Bonus 2: 3 Powerful Sustainability Secrets of Healthy Executives