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Take Control Of Your Health: Lose Weight,

Change your lifestyle, and create sustainable habits to live a longer life

Get healthy and discover what a normal diet looks like. Forget about "having to stick to it" or "falling off the wagon." Each program is customized around your life and your schedule.

Transforming Lives

One Client at a Time

“I never thought I could eat so much and still lose weight” - Avihu D., Lender/CEO

“Learning how to analyze what you’re eating and understanding why you’re eating and what it’s doing for you … it’s much easier to make lifestyle decisions and change the way you do things” - Creed H., Real Estate Investor & Developer


Creed, 57 years old Developer & Investor

made lifestyle based changes in his nutrition and exercising

A surgery pushed Creed to realize he's not invincible.

Made a complete Lifestyle Change and now feels confident in his health for the future.

-27 LBS

-30LBS While Traveling almost every other week

-13 LBS and a New Health

-20 LBS of Fat +5LBS of Muscle

Why you should do this program

  • Lose 20+ pounds of body fat and keep it off.

  • Get rid of visceral fat, cleanse your gut, and return to a normal weight.

  • Reverse or prevent serious health conditions (prediabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure).

  • Avoid the worst-case scenario: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or some cancers.

  • Eliminate energy crashes (especially in the afternoon).

  • Find a way to eat healthy without having to count calories or log food (something you can sustain).

  • Get into a fitness routine that doesn't compromise everything else in your schedule.

  • Regain confidence in yourself and how you look in front of others.

Standard diets don't work for Real Estate Business Owners

especially in the context of a busy lifestyle.

(long working hours, high stress, limited free time)

Typical “healthy” plans out there have mostly been designed by people who work significantly less, and they don’t understand what working 12 to 14 hours in a row is.

They don’t understand:

  • Mental fatigue from decision making

  • You don’t always have time to exercise

  • You can’t eat chicken and broccoli every day

  • Sometimes you go in vacation

  • You want something long term, not a 60 days plan

Each program is customized around your life and your schedule.

No hard to

stick to diets

No calorie


No hard restrictions

Built around your food preferences

We take into account your family

Works if you

travel often

No problem

eating out

No gym membership required

For both men and women

Forget About

Mentally Exhausting Programs

And Try A More Sustainable Model

4 Pillars

Compounding Wheel Method

This is the exact method I have used to take control of my health and PREVENT serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases.

The Normal Diet

The Normal Diet is the Simple Formula that allows me to stay at a normal weight without having to count any calories or log my food. This is 10 years of learning Nutrition.


We will create a personalized time-saving fitness routine based on what you have available in your schedule.


Perfect to
End your dependence on Motivation & Discipline.



Hi I'm Ronan.

Ex realtor turned lifestyle transformation expert

I get it, we all want to be healthy, confident in ourselves & have energy.

But if you're a Business Owner, and you work long hours, a lot of commitments, a family, you travel a lot, then you don't have time to count your calories, log your food, or worse, follow hard to stick to diets resulting in feeling stuck.

I've been there before

and I understand the busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle

The photo on the left captures me after running three laps around Fenway Park in Boston, MA. When my wife took that picture, she couldn't believe how much weight I had gained since we got married.

At the time, I was launching my Real Estate activities and had to work seven days a week, sometimes up to 16 hours a day. It was exhausting, but what was even harder was not feeling good in my own body. One day I showed up to a closing with the last pair of pants I could wear.

I had lost confidence in myself and my ability to achieve big goals.

Feeling unattractive, I struggled to project the image of someone in control to my clients and business partners. This began to affect how I viewed myself as a leader.

The reality is, when work becomes all-consuming and we try to balance it with family, our health and vitality often take a back seat. That's exactly what happened to me.

I'd be dishonest if I said I didn't try. Every January 1st, I would set health and vitality goals, but I could never seem to achieve them. I went through countless cycles of trying different diets and exercise routines.

34 lbs lost

without even exercising

I can't tell you how frustrating it was to diligently follow a program for weeks on end, including weekends with no 'cheat days,' only to see no progress on the scale. I'd wake up every morning anxious to weigh myself, desperately hoping for some sign of progress, only to be disappointed and eventually give up.

The craziest part? I was following the standard advice we've all heard: eat less or eat healthier, and exercise more.

But after years of trial and error, I made a breakthrough. I discovered that 80% of our results are driven by nutrition, not endless hours on the treadmill.

Realizing how much misinformation is out there keeping people stuck, I decided to take action. That's why I'm here now, sharing my journey and helping others real estate business owners break free from the cycle of misinformation and frustration.

Today I hold a coaching certification from Harvard Medical School: Health & Wellness, Designing a Sustainable Nutrition Plan.

My mission is to help other real estate business people to learn about the science and make changes that match their life and schedule.


Is there a guarantee?

If you don't try to change your lifestyle, there is a guarantee you won't improve your life.

What is the time commitment?

Because the program is built around your life and your schedule, there isn't a single answer to this question. That being said, there is a strict minimum of 45-60 minutes per week.

Is it mandatory to exercise?

Not at all. Once again, this is built based on how much time you have available.

Note 1: Usually, at the beginning of each program, we try to put your body into fat-burning mode to make weight loss easier. It's done through nutrition only. In other words, you will get rid of the body fat without exercising.

Note 2: Exercising makes you hungrier, and if you decide to exercise at the same time, it would be harder. Now, if you are currently in a fitness routine, we would simply make sure your nutrition matches your activity level.

Note 3: Once you have lost a lot of weight, any physical activity will be easier on your joints. Usually, your motivation and time availability change. This is when we can put together a fitness plan, whether it's for body recomposition (and gaining strength) or just to stay active.

Diet is the #1 medicine in life, but exercise is #2..

How fast can I lose weight?

It depends on how fast you want to go and how hard you want it to be. I have clients who want to start slowly and then decide to accelerate. I have other clients who start fast and then slow down.

Anything less than 1 pound per week is easy.

Anything above 2 pounds per week is hard.

Anything in between is a healthy pace.

What’s important to remember is that losing weight is easy. Maintaining weight is harder. However we decide to proceed during our conversation, we need to ensure we can do both (losing and maintaining) during the length of the program. This way, you can learn and experience weight maintenance and never have to worry about your weight again.

How does it work to get started?

Usually, you would sign up and we would meet on Zoom to introduce ourselves and see if you might be a good fit for a program. The goal is to understand your current situation and determine if I can help you. It's a casual meeting.

If we feel like we could work together and I'm confident I can help you, I will put together a program outline and share it with you. If you feel like it would work for you, we can get started right away.